Mark Howard, Ph.D.

Associate Director,
AIAX Initiative

Mark Howard is a ULISSES Project Associate Director and co-Principal Researcher, leading the efforts of the integration of the informational architecture which was developed and is licensed from Rand Labs. Mark has spent his career working at the intersection of logic and applied mathematics. Mark began his career as research faculty at Purdue University where he worked with Andy Whinston, and where Mark contributed to projects that provided key algorithmic and structural foundation for electronic commerce. Head hunted to the elite government applied logic group, the Odyssey Research Group, Mark worked on classified Department of Defense Projects. Mark entered the world of finance working with Axa, serving in several positions over the years including working as the head of research for a joint-venture with Nomura, head of Software Engineering for over $100 billion in equity funds at Axa Rosenberg and as a principal researcher for the Rosenberg Research Institute.

Most recently Mark served as architect and lead engineer for Knowledge Initiatives, a firm established to apply the computing advances of finance to other scientific domains such as astrophysics and linguistics. Mark currently serves as the Head of Software Engineering at Rand Labs.  Mark received his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley where he worked with renowned logician Jack Silver, having addressed fundamental problems in set and model theory and the constructible universe.