Harold 'Hal' Tolley

Associate Director,
ARGOS Initiative

Hal Tolley is a ULISSES Project Associate Director and  co-Principal Developer, whose responsibilities include ARGOS, the grid computing environment used by the ULISSES Project. Hal is also the co-creator of the JOSHUA servers, developed at Rand Labs, and deployed in the ARGOS infrastructure as the core of the system. Hal has spent his career working on large-scale computing systems, bridging the world of hardware and software integration and development, beginning his professional career in the research labs of the Novell Corporation where he worked directly with Eric Schmidt on developing next generation distributed architecture. Over his career he has worked with numerous start-ups as lead engineer, successfully deploying infrastructure to handle complex and rapid processing requirements, notably as lead engineer for the high frequency trading technology firm Vhayu (purchased by Thomson Reuters), which effectively handled many of the most complex computing requirements for several of the trading floors for some of the world’s largest banks.

Hal was recruited back to Utah to prepare Fusion IO, a cutting edge flash hardware company (purchased by Sandisk) for an IPO, having previously served as lead engineer in its predecessor company, working closely with its founders. It was upon Hal’s return to Utah, that he resumed his work with James Claus and Rand Labs, having previously served as James Claus’ CTO. Hal currently serves as Rand Labs’ CTO and an Executive-in-Residence at the David Eccles School of Business where he is tasked with aiding the school in utilizing the next generation technology infrastructure provided by Rand Labs. Hal has degrees in computer science and statistics from Brigham Young University, where he served as the primary programmer on several NIH (National Institute of Health) and NSF (National Science Foundation) and foreign government grants when he was a student.